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Codebreaker - Chapter 4 :iconattitudet:Attitudet 0 0
Codebreaker - Chapter 3
In his defence, he hadn't moved.
That had been what Zachary had said, wasn't it? "Don't. Move." ...he'd almost bitten the words out to Rufus. But Rufus had been more concerned about the Vanguard Member that had been shoving a rifle into his boyfriend's cranium, demanding that Rufus 'drop the guns and give him the codex.' Firstly, how did the Vanguard know about the codex? Secondly... drop the guns? Um, no. No, that was not likely to happen. You see, the problem is that if Rufus didn't have something to grip onto, his hands would be shaking uncontrollably. That and 'excuse me; You have a rifle aimed at my fiancé's head? You drop the gun!'
And there had been no way to see this attack coming – and therefore no way to avoid it.
As the last codex piece had stated, they had reached co-ordinates 37:47:36N 122:33:17W, which turned out to be the city of San Fran in the very north of California.
In the past, the co-ordinates had always been set for the deep jungle, like the African Con
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Codebreaker - Chapter 2
Plink. Plink...Plink...Plink. Plink. Slowly, Libré sat up and wiped her brow, tucking her curly brown hair behind her ear. The hand that held the tweezers shook a little, and she sighed.
There were numerous bandages all over Rufus' body, some merely staunching the blood of recently cleaned wounds, whilst others were wrapped precariously around both wound and shrapnel piece for the time being. Gods knew; if she took all the shrapnel immediately, Rufus would almost die immediately from blood loss. It'd happened before, after all.
She hunched over her work once again, her sharp, lilac eyes focused intently on the minute pieces of tin and copper still embedded in Rufus' wounds. She was a fast worker, but stuff like this needed her concentration; it would be far too easy for any wound to go sceptic, especially in the conditions they lived in. And to be honest, she was proud that she was able to help like this. She wasn't, of course, actually a healer in practise, but one of the twelve
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Codebreaker - Chapter 1
At this point, anyone would be pissed off. In fact, no. Pissed is not the word. About to wreak havoc and mayhem and possibly rip out someone's guts with his teeth was far more succinct. And in his defence, it wasn't like he hadn't done that before.
What's more, he was totally in awe of his boyfriend's utter inability to stay alive. Surely, there was a survival instinct in every living thing? Not in Rufus, apparently. He tends to die quite a lot. His only redemption from that is he doesn't stay dead too long.
This time, the two of them had been in San Francisco – a more civilised sector than they were accustomed too. Perhaps Zachary had naively hoped this meant the damage would be minimal. Ahh, that was a laugh – where-ever there were bullets, no matter if they were friend or foe, Rufus was bound to attract them like a bloody super magnet.
Zachary hoisted his bloodied, bruised and battered (plus fucking idiot of a) fiancé over his shoulders, hunching under the weight of t
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So my friend created this, and I'm sorry, but I saw it and just KNEW I had to participate. It's probably mandatory...So here goes. Better enjoy this Mana :P

Character 1 - Harley
Character 2 – Teddy
Character 3 - Nick
Character 4 - Maggie
Character 5 - Rachel
Character 6 - Jen

If Character 1 and Character 2 were to fight, who would win?
Harley, but only because she's stupidly stubborn and Teddy threw the match for her.

Character 3 and Character 4 decide to leave the country together – where do they go?
Australia – as far away from Maggie's father as possible.

Character 5 and Character 6 enter a drinking game – who wins?
Jen by default; Rachel won't touch alcohol in case it 'damages her liver'.

Character 1 and Character 5 are lost – whose fault is it?
They'd blame each other naturally (as sisters are wont to) but in the end it's Harley's fault because a) Rachel has more common sense than Harlz and b) Harley has no sense of direction.

Character 3 and Character 2 fall in-love. How did this happen?
My co-author came up with the concept of 'neddy'. The rest is history...

Character 6 and Character 2 are locked in a room together, what will inevitably happen between them?
Long and meaningful conversation about how they both lost most of their family at a young age... plus snotting and tears.

Between character 1 and Character 3, who has the worse temper?
When younger, Harley. But as they grow up, she mellows, so eventually Nick.

In a life and death situation, would Character 5 ever betray Character 2?
Yup. Rachel would happily rip Teddy's balls off for him having played ping pong with her sister's emotions for 7 years.

Who, between Character 4 and Character 6 would be more likely to be arrested for indecent exposure?
...After a few drinks? Jen. Maggie would never let herself get THAT drunk.

Character 4 and Character 1 get into a bar brawl? How did it happen, and what do they do?
Harley threw the first punch (obviously) after a few guys got too handsy. In the end Maggie has to use her Karate skills to... shall we say 'pacify' the rabble. They'd probably both leave bruised, dishevelled, and due for a yelling session from their over-protective boyfriends. (Teddy would be pissed for not being invited to the pub in the first place...)

Character 5 and Character 3 are part of a squadron of Spies, one of them is a traitor – how would the other find out?
Rachel would inevitably blurt it out without thinking; she can't keep secrets to save her life.

Character 4 and Character 6 are on TV, how did they get there and what are they doing?
"...and I'm here with Musical director Magdalene Vandelle and scriptwriter Jennifer McDowell to talk about their new hit musical..."

Character 2 is believed to be dead, how does Character 6 react?
By going through the five stages of grief, and refusing to eat the entire time. Jen would be pretty catatonic at losing another person in her life...

Character 3 goes crazy and tries to kill Character 1, how do they go about it? And do they succeed?
By application of his blackbelt knowledge, and yes – Nick would succeed as long as Maggie stays away and Teddy doesn't show up with a shotgun.

Character 5 is suddenly landed with a baby and appeals to Character 4 for help, how does Character 4 react?
By taking the child to her bosom, and possibly refusing to let go.

Character 1 goes to a haunted house and demands Character 6 comes with them. What happens?
Jen ironically is fine. Harley screamed five time, and had her eyes closed for half of it.

Character 2 has been in a terrible accident, and it's up to Character 4 to keep them alive. What was the accident, and how does this work out?
So it turns out aeroplanes are lethal death-traps. Who knew? Teddy would say he told you so, but he blacked out when they dropped the oxygen masks. So when everyone has evacuated – except our dear Irishman – it is Maggie who dives back into the sinking plane-wreck to prevent any possible drowing.

Character 3 suffers a blow to head and loses all of their memory. Character 6 finds them – what happens?
Jen rings 999 (or 112), then calls Harley, as Harlz is like a surrogate sister to him, and has more chance of jogging his memory.

Character 5 has been acting strangely, disappearing on midnight expeditions, avoiding conversation and appeared distracted. Character 1 goes to investigate. What do they find?
Naww! Little Rachel's got a boyfriend!! Quick – take photos to blackmail her with against Mum and Dad...

Character 3 has been kidnapped by slave-traders, and only Character 4 and Character 2 can rescue them. How do they go about it?
TEAM CODEBREAKER GO! (With a Transpo-booth and a shrapnel bomb. Plus Maggie would blackmail her Dad into giving Nick – her boyfriend - back to her, thank you very much.)  

Character 5, Character 1 and Character 6 all share a common hatred – what is it?
Mushrooms. (Blech)

Between Character 3, Character 6 and Character 2 who is more likely to lose their mind and go on a killing spree.
Teddy. He's an orphaned Irishman with possession/aggression issues – he's halfway there already.

Character 5 has been brain-washed into thinking they're Character 1! How does Character 1 react?
Record. Youtube. Wait for parents reaction.

Aliens attack and Character 2 reveals themselves to be an android scout sent to help destroy the Universe. Can character 4 convince Character 2 to do otherwise?
Why bother convincing him when Maggie finally has a perfectly good reason to beat Teddy into an out-cold pulp?

Character 5 And Character 3 have sex, how does Character 1 react upon finding them?
Horror. Sheer horror.

Character 4 and Character 6 decide to elope, how do Character 2 and Character 3 feel about this?
*nosebleed* totally okay with that! As long as they can watch...

Character 6 is caught stealing and put in jail, does Character 2 leave them there, or break them out?
Teddy: "How teh fuck did this happen?"
Jen: "...I do not know..." O_O
Answer: Teddy would end up picking the lock on her window – out of guilt and confusion. Jen probably took the blame for something he did.

Character 1, Character 3 and Character 5 form TEAM A, Character 2, Character 4 and Character 6 form TEAM B. They enter a series of Mini competitions.

There is an eating competition, which team members do TEAM A and TEAM B nominate? Who wins?
A nominates Nick, B chooses Teddy. Teddy wins by a landslide.

TEAM A are given a foul when one of the team members tries to put laxatives in the other teams tea. Who was responsible?

A TEAM B member and TEAM A member start consorting, who are they?
Harley and Teddy.

A TEAM A member throws a fight, so a TEAM B member can win, who would do that and why?
Nick would throw the match for Rachel - Harley would have his genitalia if he beat up her little sister.

TEAM B are in the lead, but TEAM A gain several points in what kind of competition?
Karate – Nick trumps Maggie!

TEAM B and TEAM A are tied, and go onto the questionnaire round. Between A) Sports, B)Current events and Politics, C) Literature and D) General Knowledge, which topic to each Team choose?
A chooses General Knowledge and B chooses Literature (because Jen and Maggie are cultured like that.)

TEAM A and TEAM B swap a member, who and why?
Maggie and Harley: Partially because Rachel and Harley won't stop bickering, and also so Teddy will stop going all squishy and let Harley win all the time.

Between TEAM A and TEAM B who would win the last challenge of an obstacle course relay race?

How does the winning Team celebrate?
Dominos pizza and BBC Drama marathon.

Do both teams remain friends, or is it time for Round 2?!
Ding Ding! (What's a little friendly competition?)


Adet x


a subtle as a flying mallet.
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United Kingdom
A sporadic artist that is notoriously lazy when it comes to drawing. Sorry about that.
Lives in Central England - yaaay... (I hate it here, thank GOD for Uni!!) I draw mostly my OCs from my extensive collection of incomplete stories. Starius and Harley, both from different 2 series, are the immediate favourites; Because Starius is just this gorgeous, tortured soul that is such a good little trooper. I wuv him. And Harley is a ballsy bitch. Her sassy attitude just kicks all ass. Even yours, dear reader.
I'm an actor before a writer, and a writer before a singer or artist. singing and drawing is simply hobby-ish for me, whilst I intend to make a career for myself from the first two. The reality is Drama Teacher. The dream is an author, or director. That would be awesome.


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