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So its been... what, five years? Wow... time flies... O_O

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth. My scanner broke, and I thought that was the be-all end-all. Meh, now I has camera and laptop, along with trusty pencils and paper! And on top of that, I intend to treat myself to a tablet when I get the chance... and the money... ¬_¬
Going to uni next year so GOD KNOWS when that's gonna be!

So, just to clarify - the stuff I'm putting up at the moment is AGES old. Some of it is from when I was an angsty 14 year old, some from when I was 16 and positively GUSHING over twilight. (Now, if I gush anything over twilight, it is most likely puke.) Might as well toss the fanart up on here though, just to prove I haven't been sitting around like a lifeless melon for five years.

...I love the word melon. It's an anagram of lemon, has anyone noticed that? No? Just me? Okay. ._.

I will notify people when the new stuff starts coming. Yeahh.  For now just be prepared for an onslaught of old pics from me ;)

Adet x
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Brittany was miserable. It brightened up during week 2, but still, crappy holiday place. Hardly got a tan! Burnt my back tho, owwiii...

Glad 2 b back with my westies and my watchers tho. :D And ZOMG I hav lyk, 78 messages! O.O lotza mail.

Urrrggghhh...GCSEs in 2 days... =_=" I don't wanna gooo...skool sux... bleh...

I am now talking for no apparent reason because all my current new news is above...OHH YEHH! Everyone hoo knows me personally will know about my comic, Kingdom Divinity, hence the whole "Princess Hana" thing. I intend to retrieve my comic from a certain someone who should be finished with it by now...HBB...and intend to post it on here asap. That's all folks!

Adet xx


Pay no attention to the deranged maniac behind the curtains of my eyes.
  • Listening to: my sister yapping non-stop
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I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on July the 22nd at 4:35am. (Baring in mind I was only allowed to start reading the book at 3:35pm the day it came out).

I adored this fave chap is numba 34, when Harry is walking with his parents to Voldemort's lair, where he stands before him, defenceless, before the dark lord, awaiting death. He didn't wait in vain.


...That's all I'm gunna say. Ppl who read the book will no wat happens, but I aint doing no more spoilers.

Oops, that was a spoiler. oh well. >w< KKKAAAWWWAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I hate my computer. It's 7 years old!!! IT HASN'T GOT PHOTO SHOP!!!
I hate my life. life sucks. life is emo. :(

All my pics suck...I WNT PHOTOSHOP... How'd u get photoshop?


(I have puppy-eyed pouts, I'm not afraid to use them!)

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Hellooo everyone! I'm a random person who cant draw.
What am I doing here? I do not know...

Anywho! Since I am here, I guess I better draw summfink...and stick it on this dum website...

Berry is gonna kill me.:o

I take it back! This website is NOT dumb! :D ...

Oh who am I kidding, I'm still ded :(
Never mind! And actually I did join up on my own accord and I do want to be a deviant and I know reading this journal was a complete waste of time, I should know, I wasted a load of time writing it, but heck. You'll learrrn 2 luv me!!! ;)